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Collect Crypton,
Swap for GUBI

Earn Crypton in-game and use it to obtain PRPS. Players who support the charity 'Giving Works' with the in-game currency Crypton can get rewarded with PRPS, which can then be traded outside the game. Trade GUBI.

Contract Address (BSC): 0x860947Ae09058cC028aaF2ac75258060C61F2Dfd

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How Does it Work?

1. Collect Crypton

auction house

Auction House

Collect Crypton for free by selling streamer skins, hero skins, pets, and loot cards on the Auction House. Learn more.



Buy duplicate ability-sets, or equip your active pets with the Crypto Hodler abilities to start earning passive Crypton from the Spellbook. Learn more.

in-app purchases

In-App Purchases

Collect Crypton when making a variety of in-app purchases. Sale points can also be used on in-app purchases to earn Crypton for free!

giving works

2. Support 'Giving Works'

Support the charity 'Giving Works' with Crypton inside of the Best Game building, and receive GUBI in return.

3. Get GUBI in Return

In return for supporting the charity 'Giving Works' with Crypton, players are rewarded with GUBI in return. GUBI can then be freely traded with other people outside of the game. Learn more.

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