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Become a Hero

Clash of Streamers is the first mobile RPG where YOU are the hero. Upload your face, take your hero into battle, and export it to the blockchain in this truly innovative, one of a kind mobile experience.

NFTs in Mainstream Gaming

Play as your own NFT in the first of a new era of mobile games. Clash of Streamers brings blockchain to the multibillion-dollar mobile industry by allowing players to create and play as their own NFTs.

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Clash of Streamers features the world's first interactive and playable NFTs, allowing owners to earn loot passively for NFT play!

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Export Heroes & Pets as

Blockchain NFTs

Join the NFT craze by turning yourself into a truly unique NFT that can be kept, traded independently of the game, or burned for PRPS.

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Earn Crypton in-game and use it to obtain PRPS. Players who support the charity 'Giving Works' with the in-game currency Crypton can get rewarded with PRPS, which can then be traded outside the game.

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Fully Free-to-Play

Unlike most NFT games which have a high entry cost, Clash of Streamers is fully free-to-play. No large entry fees; no paywalls. Clash of Streamers is blockchain and NFT gaming done right.

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The Future of Gaming

Full social media integration. Full livestreaming capabilities. Fully offline play. Innovative blockchain integration.

Clash of Streamers is your personal peek into the future of gaming.

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